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Il Galampio: five flats to forget who you are and
rediscover who you were

Let hundred-year-old stones give you shelter

Il Galampio is an old farm that produces an excellent Brunello di Montalcino, as well as other remarkable red wines. In this context, imagine an ancient farmhouse renovated or better restored by its owner/architect, according to original project and wall, but with the contribution of modern standards for what concerns conveniences and services. It is characterised by simplicity in a refined and charming natural, human and historical environment that has been enchanting visitors for more than a millennium.


A table in Tuscany

You can taste outdoors pork-butcher's products, game, olive oil and, naturally, wine, by cooking yourself on one of the three barbecues or in the old wood oven of the farm. The big oak-wood tables under the foliage of the trees are an ideal place for combining the smells of the table and of nature and creating completely new tastes for your palate. An experience that will surely surprise you!



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